LED Display design Solution Large LED digital screen
  • Push Media provides a diversity of LED display technology for various multimedia applications ranging from a standard indoor and outdoor LED display to a highly advanced custom-design multimedia feature. We provide not only hardware but also a complete service solution including display design, structure installation, hardware implementation, system integration, content design and production and so on.
  • Standard indoor and outdoor LED display – high quality LED display with cost-effective hardware and flexible control solution
  • Custom-design multimedia feature - Combine creative art design and multimedia technology to create a unique feature attraction enhancing an identity of location
  • 100+ of indoor and outdoor locations
Digital Signage Solution Reach shoppers inside
  • Our cloud-based digital signage solution offers a state-of-the-art digital signage platform that allow users to design, manage and maintain their digital content on all digital signage displays
  • Supports all the latest content standards with comprehensive content design and management functions
  • We provide both digital signage software and industrial-grade display hardware solution including media controller and system infrastructure
  • Implement more than 2500 Digital Signage Displays all over the country
Interactive Solution Show location of the shop, shop info, and promptions
  • We are an expert in the design and development of interactive solution for retail sector. Our Interactive program allows users to interact with the digital content to enhances their experience and provide them with the information of the location.
  • Interactive directory program and mobile directory application is one of our specialized interactive solutions. Visitors can effectively acquire the information of interests such as floor plan layout, shop listing, store location, promotion and event, etc. Visitors can efficiently navigate the retail location via additional features such as location routing, high light area of interests and so on
  • Interactive game & activity is an interactive application to entertain and educate visitors such as interactive floor, interactive game via Kinect, interactive touchscreen software, etc. The application relies on interactive device such as motion sensing hardware, interactive touch display, IOT sensor and so on to capture the interaction of user and adaptively provide the digital content.
Creative Content Reach wider shoppers inside
  • To complete our multimedia and digital signage solutions, Push Media also provides creative content design and development service. Our team of design experts will work with client to create digital content based on CI graphic material and design direction.
  • Custom-design graphic content for multimedia feature attraction
  • Standard advertising and marketing content for digital signage display
  • Include content management service for Push Media digital platform with IT & Service support
People Counting Solution Engage Promption to target audience
  • Our People Counting Sensor is specifically developed and designed for people counting purpose. In a compact and designed housing, it combines HDR imaging device (High dynamic range: enhanced management of light variations) and onboard processor with embedded intelligence. The video analytic algorithm provides maximum accuracy and reliability for people counting application
  • Thousands of People Counting Sensors around the country
  • Counting more than 40 Million People each Month
  • Dedicated service and support team of experts